NaNo 2012 is Over – now what?


Congratulations Writers,

If you wrote even one page of fiction this month, you’ve taken a step in the right direction. Writing takes time and this month you’ve made time for it.

What have you learnt about your writing this month?

I’ve learnt something new during every Nano, even when I didn’t come close to the 50K. This year I’ve learned I need to finish a detailed outline before writing a dual time-period novel and that researching during November is not good for my word count. I’ve also learned that I enjoy the challenge of writing historical fiction.

When you look back on November I hope you’re happy that you tried this. I hope the writing bug has bitten you and you want to finish your story, or start another.

Once the excellent CreateSpace “print-your-book offer” goes live for Nano winners on December 5th – I’ll be using it for a personal proof copy. Other writers in our region have used them for gifts, self-publishing, and for editing. And remember it doesn’t have to be this year’s Nano novel, or just 50k words. I posted tips about using it last year on the blog and will do that again next June (the deadline for printing your book with them).

If you are thinking about Nano 2013, please drop into the site in early October – go on, put a note in your 2013 diary now. I’ll be hosting a Plot Party next year during October so we can brainstorm ideas on plots, characters, and structuring our novels before the 1st of November. I want to make 2013 rock and I’m happy to take suggestions from you on that.

And hey, next year could be your winning year. I’ll be here, cheering you on for every word written.

The NaNoWriMo site gets pretty quiet from mid-December, but you’re welcome to contact me here.

Until Nano 2013, Happy writing, Grace

Writers’ Groups in Ireland NorthEast

This is not a comprehensive list. If you know of others – especially in Cavan & Monaghan, email me and I’ll add them. Thanks!

  • The Saltwater Scribblers are a Drogheda-based group who meet every Monday. Find them on Facebook and twitter, or email them at Several of their members do Nano every year.
  • The Meath Writers Circle meets on the first Thursday of every month in the Trim Castle Hotel. Contact Tommy Murray at 046-31747 or
  • The Boyne Writers group meets on Thursdays twice a month in the Castle Arch Hotel, Trim. The emphasis is on constructive feedback in a non-threatening atmosphere. New members are always welcome. Contact the group by email:, post to Castle Arch Hotel, Summerhill Road, Trim, Co. Meath, or
  • The Ardgillan Castle Writers’ Group meets every Saturday morning 10.30-12.30. There is no charge. Contact them via Ardgillan Castle, Skerries, Co. Dublin.
  • Apparently there is a Dundalk Writers’ Circle but I have been unable to get contact information for them.
  • Monaghan Song and Poetry Writers – again I don’t have contact information for this group
  • Cootehill Writers Group – contact Kay Phelan at 049-5552321 or Station Road, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.
  • The Cavan Lit Lab – contact 4 Gardenrath Road, Lower Kells, Co. Meath.
  • Online: I strongly recommend for giving and receiving critiques of your novel.

Useful Market and Contest Ezines (links listed on the right)

  • The Irish Writers Centre runs a variety of courses and an annual Novel Fair. Their weekly email newsletter often has details of Irish contests and magazines seeking submissions.
  • Hope C Clark’s Funds for Writers weekly newsletters are the best I’ve come across. She lists contests, arts grants, agents, and publications seeking submissions. Many are in the US as that’s where she is based, but she regularly features Irish/UK items too and the feature article and her editorial are valuable sources of information too. She is open to Irish submissions for the feature article.
  • Brendan Nolan’s Ask about Writing site is a good weekly source for UK and Irish writing news and submission calls (

Irish Fiction Publishers and Agents

{Always research a publisher or agent before approaching them. Make sure your submission is right for them and that they are right for you too}

Irish Fiction Publishers

Irish Agents


About wordfoolery

Grace Tierney is a writer and mother living in rural Ireland. Specialising in a humourous slant thanks to years of reading Wodehouse, Dickens, Pratchett, Brookmyre, and chick-lit galore, her fiction and non-fiction writing has been published internationally and locally in everything from the local paper to anthologies, online media, coffee tins, and glossy magazines in several different countries. She has published three books for writers; “Positive Thoughts for Writers”, “The Writing Contest Expert's Guide to Fiction Contests”, and “The Writing Contest Expert’s Guide to Nonfiction Contests” based on her long-running contest column for Writer Online (available at Grace is currently writing her second chick-lit novel. For more information about Grace’s work see
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