Getting Ready for the TGIO

In between corralling my snow-crazed children, I’ve been trying to decide what to wear to TGIO…

ML t-shirt

NaNo 2009 Novelling Machine

Horrendous Year Two ML t-shirt

Yes, it really is a sort of day-glo yellowy green. Some MLs wear these in public. I will only do this if someone makes a large donation to NaNoWriMo. I would also like to point out that this was free. Trust me. I would not pay money for this top.

Mojito kit

I also had to gather together my supplies for mojito making. I’ll post the recipe here later.


And I’ve been hunting out the giveaway posters – Night of Writing Dangerously (small) and Nanoland 2010 (large). I’m intending on making a NaNoWriMo keyring this evening too (time permitting) and sending out a few of my penguin pencils. I use “Great Expectations” myself, but up for grabs is “A problem a day/while Rome burns” (yellow), “Venture to the Interior/One’s Company”(pale pink) , “Words and Deeds/Vision and Design” (pale blue), and “The unfinished clue/Deadly Weapon” (green).

Penguin Pencils and beads for the keyring

If you want to be in on any of these giveaways (I think I’ll draw from my trusty anti-snow hat), then go and log a comment on the online TGIO thread at the Nano official site. Obviously you do need to be a member of the Ireland NorthEast region to be in the draw. If you win, I will post here and on that thread and you’ll need to email me your postal address (don’t put it as a comment on the blog – that’s a bit too public, I think).

OK. I better go and get dinner sorted for my family. I’ll be back online later for the TGIO.



About wordfoolery

Grace Tierney is a writer and mother living in rural Ireland. Specialising in a humourous slant thanks to years of reading Wodehouse, Dickens, Pratchett, Brookmyre, and chick-lit galore, her fiction and non-fiction writing has been published internationally and locally in everything from the local paper to anthologies, online media, coffee tins, and glossy magazines in several different countries. She has published three books for writers; “Positive Thoughts for Writers”, “The Writing Contest Expert's Guide to Fiction Contests”, and “The Writing Contest Expert’s Guide to Nonfiction Contests” based on her long-running contest column for Writer Online (available at Grace is currently writing her second chick-lit novel. For more information about Grace’s work see
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